Investing in GoldBullionDebitCard

goldAmericanEagleGoldBullionDebitCard is currently seeking seed funding to develop the API that will allow participating banks to use the GoldBullionDebitCard patent pending payment system. In addition, a functional software system needs to be developed to account for transactions converted from currency to gold while providing the consumer an easy to use interface.


Why invest in GoldBullionDebitCard?

The GoldBullionDebitCard payment system revolutionizes gold as an asset class.

Around the world national mints have been running overtime to produce enough gold coins and bullion to keep up with demand even while the price was falling in 2013, continuing a growing trend of investors, fearful of the devaluation of their savings due to easy monetary policies by many of the world's central banks.

U.S. Mint Gold-Coin Sales Jump 63% in January; Silver Triples

Mints from the U.S., the world’s biggest, to Australia boosted sales with Austria’s Muenze Oesterreich AG operation running 24 hours a day to meet a surge in demand.

-Bloomberg Jan, 31, 2014

Currently, neither gold bullion dealers nor banks provide consumers with an easy way to sell gold in small increments to make purchase with their increasing gold savings. This creates a massive untapped global opportunity.

The GoldBullionDebitCard payments system provides banks with a way to increase their interchange fees without having to increase their balance sheet (liabilities of deposits) while maintaining compliance with federal banking regulations like the USA Patriot Act . For consumers the payment system transforms gold from a semi liquid collectible asset to a liquid currency of exchange usable anywhere in the world where bankcards are accepted.

The opportunity

While interest in gold and alternative currencies is relatively new but fast growing in the West, countries such as China and India have long held an affinity for gold even as debit card use increases.

China is rapidly ditching the centuries-old habit of paying its bills with trunk loads of cash, and making the shift to virtual forms of payment faster than any other country on earth.
Ten times more of them are debit cards than credit cards (3.8bn compared with 391m).
-Financial Times February 28, 2014



UnionPay had $660 billion of credit-card transactions last year, while debit-card volume was $2.1 trillion, according to Nilson.

-Bloomberg 2012

But demand for physical gold as a form of savings by consumers is high as shown in this poll:


And in India:

Between 2007-08 and 2012-13, the number of cards issued (except credit cards) has risen. From a small base of around 150 million in March 2008, electronic cards are nudging the 400-million mark today.
More impressive is the secular growth in volume and value of transactions. Credit card spends (in value terms) have more than doubled to Rs 1.23 lakh crore despite a dip in the number of credit cards between 2007-08 and 2012-13. And debit card spends (in value) have risen six times to Rs 74,400 crore during the period. The number of processing terminals too has doubled to 9.5 lakh in these five years
-The Economic Times October 6, 2013

Between global central bank printing and rising inflation many of the world's paper currencies are losing purchasing power. The Gold Bullion Debit Card revolutionizes how we think about money by leveraging centuries of tradition of gold as money with the convenience and acceptability of the bank card. The market is truly global!