Frequently asked questions

While the gold debit card works just like any other bank debit card, you likely have questions about just how it works. Below, we do our best to answer the most common question. If you have any question that is not answered below pleae feel free to contact us.


Q: If I send you my gold, how will I know it’s safe in transit?

A: We have developed careful procedures to document the entire process from when you indicated the type of gold to be sent in on your account to the postage paid package sent to you. The package is tracked the entire way through USPS until it arrives at our facility. There, the contents are compared to the expected receivable(s). After the package contents are verified you will receive an e-mail acknowledging receipt. Your account is then updated within one business day to reflect the gold deposit and I ready to spend.


Q: Is my gold kept in a bank?

A: No, we intentionally store your gold outside the banking system to prevent it from being used in any way not intended by our clients or Gold Bullion Debit Card.

Q: Do you lend or lease my gold to banks?

A: Absolutely not. Your gold is held outside the banking system and will never be lent or leased or encumbered or hypothecated in any way until you complete a transaction and then, only for the amount of gold that must be liquidated to cover your purchase. The remaining balance is entirely held in your name.


Q: I paid a premium above spot for my gold coin. What happens to the difference when its deposited and I'm credited only for the value of the gold?

A:Though your account is credited in milligrams of gold we will also apply part of the premium to defer storage fees.


Q: How much are the storage fees?

A: The numismatic value (or premium paid over spot price) is credited towards your storage fee for the first year. After that we expect it will be $5 per month and will be deducted from your remaining account balance in milligrams of gold.


Q:Are there transaction fees?

A: Like any other debit or credit card transaction used for a merchant purchase, there is a fee charged to the merchant that is part of the transaction price. We do not charge any additional fees on top of the normal merchant charges.